ESPN New York” Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd reportedly used a 13-letter word in an expletive-filled rant against assistant Lawrence Frank following the team’s loss in Orlando on Nov. 3, reported Monday.“Sit the (expletive) down! I’m the coach of this (13-letter word) team! When you’re on the bench, don’t (expletive) move,” Kidd said, according to reporter David Aldridge. The report did not offer further details of what the 13-letter word was. The argument ultimately led to Frank being reassigned to a reduced role which Kidd described as “doing daily reports.” Frank was told at one point by somebody in the organization to curb his behavior on the bench during games and not be as active and demonstrative as he was earlier in the season, sources told The week before he learned he would not be helping run practices or sit on the bench during games, it was definitely noticeable that Frank wasn’t doing as much.

(Full disclosure, it took me entirely to long to figure out the 13 letter word was, “MotherFucking”)

I wasn’t originally going to chime in on the Lawrence Frank, “demotion,” because A: everyone who follows the NBA already knows how much of a joke it was, and B:  as far as recent sports stories in this city go, Lawrence Frank getting shit-canned didn’t seem like a top priority. But then Jason Kidd finally erupts and goes full-on Denzel all over the assistant coach that HE brought in to help him adjust to being a first-time head coach. (I just assume that anytime a black person gives a fiery speech/expletive-laced rant it’s based off a Denzel movie)

Clearly there is an issue if the head coach of your team feels the need to remind everyone in the room that he is ACTUALLY the head coach. Before Lawrence Frank had his balls chopped off, he was the one who looked like the actual head coach. He was always the most vocal in the huddles. He was the one drawing up the next play. He was the one screaming like a mad man on the bench. Where was Jason Kidd doing during those moments? Standing right next to him, looking on as if he were still a player. That sight is one that has disgusted me since the moment the season started. The biggest issue I have with this entire ordeal was reading reports of “friction,” and a “difference in philosophies,” between Frank and Kidd. Last time I checked 98% of the time coaches get to bring in their own staff when they take a new job. I mean for fucks sake Jason Kidd played under Lawrence Frank for four seasons in New Jersey. You would think that he would have understood what his philosophy was back then. Truly, truly mind bottling.

So that’s it.  Jason Kidd got to use his one scapegoat in the form of Lawrence Frank. It is all on him now. More so than it was before. Because let’s get one thing straight, Mikhail Prokhorov has already fired two coaches in two seasons. Chances are that if you are the third on that list, you’re not only going to lose your job, you’re probably gonna die as well.


PS – Couldn’t help but think that Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank were the Walter and Donny of the NBA. The big guy keeps the smarter, sweet little guy around just to have the opportunity to shit on him whenever he pleases.