Hey guys,
I wanted to forward along this picture I just came across. The affixed quote is, “I hate it when my fat friends arm makes me look naked.”  It’s an instant classic. Seriously, how does this happen? It’s like seeing Jesus in a pizza or something. The stars were perfectly aligned.


1 in a billion. Maybe 1 in a trillion.  Thats the odds of this fatso’s arm making her friend look naked. Think about how many people are on facebook. Like over 500,000,000. Think about how many pictures each facebook user has. Think about how many photographs there are in this world.  And yet you’ve never seen a picture like this. This, my friends, is the most improbable picture of all time. This picture is like those optical illusion pictures on the internet -

Do you see two faces or one goblet?

Do you see an old woman’s face or a young girl’s face?

Do you see a naked bitch or a chick elbow fat and armpit rolls???

All the stars and moons and planets and comets aligned for this picture. Should be considered a miracle. Like Pat said – its the “Jesus face in the pizza” of fat chicks. Someone get the Pope on the line. We’re gonna need a Vatican official to come to Barstool HQ and declare this an authentic Miracle – The Miracle of St. Bertha, The Patron Saint of Fatties.