Yahoo – New York Giants fan Jaimie Kaminski is known at MetLife Stadium on NFL Sundays as “Cheer Girl” for obvious reasons. Kaminski, an Astoria resident who was formerly a standout high school cheerleader, isn’t just a die-hard fan. She is a true super fan, because she stands out in the crowd and dedicates herself above and beyond the call of loyalty to the Giants. Kaminski is perhaps the closest thing to a “real” cheerleader that the New York Giants will ever have. The Giants are one of just six NFL teams without an official cheerleading squad, so Kaminski has made it her life’s mission to become the franchise’s first cheerleader. She arrives early to the MetLife Stadium parking lot on football gamedays, and she comes fully decked out in a cheerleading costume with pom poms. She believes it’s her job to dance, jump, cheer, and start chants in the parking lot prior to Giants games to get fans pumped up before they walk into the stadium. Once the game begins, “Cheer Girl” organizes “Let’s go, Giants” chants and dances for her section in between quarters. It all started in 1992, when Kaminski attended her first pro football game at Giants Stadium at the tender age of 7. Kaminski, now 26 years old, attended her first game with her father, and she had no idea that the team didn’t have an official cheerleading squad. “I was heartbroken,” she said. “At that point in my life, I was more interested in the entertainment aspect of the event than the actual football game. I have had a love for dancing and entertaining throughout my life, so it has always been tough knowing that my favorite football team has no cheerleading squad.” She said she does most of her dancing and cheering in the tailgate section prior to games, because MetLife Stadium staff and Giants officials haven’t given her their approval to be an official cheerleader in her seating area. She said she often limits her dance routines to long breaks in the action, like halftime and commercial breaks.  ”Two Super Bowls in five years isn’t enough,” she said. “I want one more to make it a true dynasty.”

Oh man this chick is basically everything guys hate about girls watching sports. I mean I guess the whole “dancing” and “entertainment” is cute. Chicks like to be cheerleaders and blah blah blah. Thats when you’re like 13 years old though. Shes 26. What kinda psycho does this as they’re pushing 30 years old? Showing up in a cheerleaders outfit with pom poms and shit. Its like Ace Ventura in the tutu when he pretends to be crazy to get into Ray Finkle’s old mental institution. Thats some delusional behavior.  You think the guys next to you in the parking lot like that? Think they want some idiot chick playing cheerleader while they slug beers and eat bratwurst and talk about football and all the other women they wanna fuck besides their wives? You think people wanna listen to you hoot and holler during timeouts? For sure not.

I hate this broad. F you, Cheer Girl. I bet your dancing sucks. I bet your cheering is awful. I bet your Lets Go Giants chant stinks. Oh you’ve been watching Giants games since you were 7 with your dad? Cool story I’ve been suffering through Mets and Jets games my entire life because I’m doomed as a sports fan. Your 2 Super Bowls in the past 5 years aren’t enough? Fuck you! I’ve got 3 quarterbacks in the past 2 seasons and all of them suck. My pathetic lunatic super fan just quit on the team because we suck so bad. Suck it, Cheer Girl.

Just stay at home and make buffalo chicken cheese dip like every other chick who pretends to be a big football fan on Sundays.