7 players in double digits tonight. Efficient basketball on both ends of the court. Playing tight defense. Shooting the lights out. Its just a better brand of basketball when Old Man Amare is not on the court. I think at this point its not a coincidence. Its not a small sample size. Its just clear this team is better all around without him on the floor. Everyone knows my thoughts on Carmelo at this point – but if the Knicks are gonna ride with him as their franchise player they might as well just be honest with themselves and this situation – Carmelo is a better player in every facet of the game when he’s not playing along Amare Stoudemire. Its a hard and very expensive realization to come to but virtually everyone knows it and has been saying it for like 2 years now. Time to respond accordingly and adjust to reality.

Another 13 3s tonight which just isn’t gonna last. They’re shooting like 50% from beyond the arc as a team during these first 3 blowouts, which just isn’t something you can sustain. But nows not the time to think about that. They’re playing some of the best basketball in the league right now and its fucking fun to watch. Explosive offense. Hard nosed defense. Its all fun and games and smiles right now for the New York Knicks. Best start to this season you could have imagined.

PS – Meanwhile, across town on $15 ticket night over in Brooklyn the Nets blow a 20 point lead to the whitest team in the league.┬áNo Kevin Love and no Rubio even on the court for Minnesota either. I guess this is where everyone from Brooklyn jumping on the bandwagon pretends to be upset by such a bad loss?