Listen, I didn’t see this coming and I don’t know how the fuck it happened. I’ll give the Bengals credit – in front of their home crowd of 26, they took full advantage of a Giants squad that showed zero heart, swagger or smarts. AJ Green said the defense had holes and promptly cashed in a 56-yard score. Cincy said they were gonna shadow Cruz and the birthday boy was a non-factor – targeted just 4 times, one being a lock for 6 he dropped for no reason. They put on a red zone clinic, notching 21 points on drives that started at the 11, 12 & 16. Eli was sacked more than he’s been all year. No excuses, the Bengals kicked the shit out of Big Blue – but is that a bad thing?

Truth is, this is the blueprint. Last year, the G-Men started 6-2 before dropping 5 of 6 & putting themselves in win-or-go-home situations for 6 straight weeks. During their plummet to .500, Manning tossed 10 TDs against 11 turnovers. Bradshaw missed November with a broken foot. Everybody thought they pissed away the season until they ran the table from Week 16 to the Super Bowl.

So what better way to defend your title than repeat the year? Nailed the 6-2 start. Lost a pair now, led by their retarded signal caller’s 0:4 TD-to-TO ratio. Bradshaw’s done more harm than good on the field while nursing a sore foot. Fans should be ecstatic, not in a panic. It’s all part of the plan. That’s how I’m getting through this bye week.

That doesn’t mean I can’t wish death upon Kevin Gilbride. That’s an annual festivity. I understand the players have to execute, but the play calling has been ultra conservative lately and it makes no sense. Eli’s yards per attempt the past 3 weeks have each set a new season-low. Now let’s think about that for a second. They can’t score in the red zone or convert a fucking 3rd down. That means they suck dick with a short field. So maybe these quick passes along the line of scrimmage should take a back seat to airing it out every once in a while & keeping defenses honest. Seemed to have worked out well the first half of the year. Bottom line is, yes, your offense needs to have some semblance of balance. Can’t fire off go route after go route – but Eli letting it fly is what opens up everything else. Receivers get a bigger cushion. Backs see more open field after they hit their holes. Play action & your stupid draws work. It’s common sense. Just because he’s a coordinator and I’m a part-time blogger doesn’t mean I’m not right.