I am such an idiot. All the signs were there. Of course the Redskins would win their first home MNF game in 11 tries. Obviously the Giants would commit double their season average in penalties while becoming the second team all year to score less than 21 against Washington. Big Blue had won 26 straight road contests with a halftime lead and were 30 minutes from a choke hold on the NFC East lead. Why the FUCK did I genuinely expect anything other than a gut-wrenching loss??

Don’t blame the RG3 triple option fumble or Tynes’ missed FG. The penalties were deadly (holding on every return, right?), but that’s a fluke – inexcusable, yes, but not a real worry for the team as a whole. And although Alfred Morris seemed like he shredded the Giants’ D for 10 yards every touch, they played well overall. 17 points shouldn’t have won this game. Turnover battle? NY. Time of possession? Total yards? Big Blue. Looks like a winning formula. So who’s to blame, yet again? Kevin fucking Killdrive.

I seriously don’t get the play-calling at all. You got one of the top passing attacks playing a sieve of a secondary. In the first half, Eli barely overthrew an open Victor Cruz on a shot down field. Another up the sidelines to Nicks was lucky to have been broken up by a finger at the last second. There were 4 completions for 20+ yards. Those plays disappeared the second half except for a 49-yard strike to Cruz. Why? Yes, Bradshaw ran well. Shouldn’t that have opened up more shots to stretch the field? Hell, throw a pitch and run it outside the tackles. Any effort at a big play would do. It’s almost like Killdrive wants to prove he’s a “football” guy grinding out the yards instead of an OC coasting on his weapons. You know what the difference is between the Saints offense and the Giants? The Saints have no choice but to chuck it 50 times. The G-Men actually have that as an option. This was the game to use it. Eli “Rain” Manning might not be Drew Brees, but you can’t argue they’re just as equipped to hammer a squad whose glaring weakness is defending your greatest strength. Fuck balance. Keeping the ball out of RG3′s hands doesn’t do squat if you’re kicking field goals all night long.

I really thought it would be different this time. Shame on me. I prided myself on not being the one in this relationship with blinders on. The realist who knew when the domestic violence was coming & how to duck the punches. Well look at me now. I gave Big Blue the benefit of the doubt for once and now me & my black eye are sitting at the shelter with the rest of the fans I thought I was better than.