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Not even kidding when I say that I worked harder on this lineup than anything I’ve worked on in the past 4-6 years. Usually I just kinda whip these things together, pick out a couple of guys who are hot, and cross my fingers I guessed right. But now that a free trip to Vegas and $100,000 is on the line, I fuckin agonized over this thing. If worked half as hard on writing blogs or selling advertising I’d be rich by now. If I put in a quarter of the effort at being an accountant I wouldn’t even be a stupid blogger in the first place.

I started with Strasburg because he’s facing the Phillies and they legitimately have the worst lineup I’ve ever seen. If Strasburg doesn’t have 10 K’s tonite I’d be shocked. Grabbed Bryce Harper next. Kid is still undervalued at $3,300 since he was just called up. But he’s raking and that goddam haircut of his is so cocky I had to do it. Jeter is absolutely gonna devour Kansas City tonite in Mo’s honor. After that I just tried to pepper my lineup with big boppers. Mike Stanton is coming out of his slump and starting to mash. Uggla’s always a threat to go deep. So is Beltre. Nyjer Morgan isn’t but I’m hoping he goes all T Plush and runs all over the joint. Then I basically just punted 1B and catcher because I was out of money. I originally wanted Napoli and Duda in there too, but $35,000 is just not a lot to work with.

So there you have it. There’s my free trip to Vegas team. Sucks for you guys that I put together such an absurd lineup. Your only hope at this point is that you draft the same exact team as me and just tie me for first place because there’s no way you can beat it. Don’t worry though, Fan Duel is offering a chance to win a free weekend at the Palazzo every Friday for the next 11 weeks. Enter the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship (DFBC) every Friday for $10 bucks and the winner is off to Vegas for a chance to compete for 100 grand in the Fan Duel Championship.

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