Slick Willie you sly dog you! Posing with porn stars looking like he’s Benjamin Button going backwards in age. Probably popped some little blue pills and fucked all night long. Not like he needs them. Just probably does it for fun. Bill Clinton – the most American Man in the history of America.

Which is why he’ll fit right in at our Barstool Hoedown at Saloon on June 22nd. Doesn’t get more American than the Wild West folks. We’re bringing in a mechanical bull for the night and giving away $250 cash prizes for the best cowgirl costumes and the sexiest bull ride of the night. Which essentially means girls in Daisy Duke shorts and plaid shirts rolled up as they gyrate on the bull. $40 all you can drink from 8-11 or 9-12 if you mention Barstool. Essentially its gonna be like the same Saloon Halloween party except I couldn’t wait till October to throw another bash so we’re doing it in the summer. So mark it down on your calendars, Friday, June 22nd. Come get down with the hoes at the Barstool Hoedown. It’s gonna look a lot like this: