Twitter @ElaineAlden - “I guess I’m a WAG ha! proud to be a NBA wag especially since @landryfields is my ole ball & chain..haha #jokes #happylady #peas&carrots,”

You know whats funny? When I first saw pictures of Elaine Alden yesterday I was like “Holy shit how the fuck did Landry Fields pull this chick?” Then I thought about it. Landry Fields is a Stanford graduate, making 800 grand a year. If he worked at Goldman Sachs or something this wouldn’t be a surprise at all. I’d be like just another finance big dog with a super smoke girlfriend, nothing to see here. But in the NBA he’s portrayed as like some broke ass nerd who sits around jerking off and playing Scrabble with Jeremy Lin on Saturday nights. Stanford grad making less than a million, what a loser!

Well the joke’s on the rest of the fucking NBA. Take your high school diplomas and your max contracts and shove it up your dumb uneducated asses. Dwyane Wade and Lebron got baby mamas that look like they were plucked from the Huxtable family and Landry Fields is running around town with a GQ model: