Are these new? Old? Have people seen them before? It doesn’t matter. Bottom line is that I’m getting a Beardo Beanie and I’m not taking it off all winter. I’m just not. I’ll wear it everywhere and anywhere. Doesn’t matter the occasion, the people I’m with, the temperature, whatever. I’m going to rock one of these amazing beard hats for roughly 4 months straight.

I mean look at that black one. It has a fucking handlebar mustache for christ’s sake. A new level of cool has just been discovered. Can you imagine how many broads are gonna get whiplash from spinning around to gawk at me in that thing? Roughly all of them. I’ll be a new man. So much more confidence, so much more swag. I’ve honestly never been more excited for freezing temperatures in my life.

And to answer your question:  yes, I’m absolutely keeping it on when I hookup with chicks. Perfect sized box-munching mouthole. She can even wear hers too, I don’t care: