Great question from the Twittersphereonation. Starting 5 for Olympic Dodgeball:

1. Mike Vick – Most mobile motherfucker on the planet. Mike Vick would be the greatest Dodgeball player of all time

2. Cam Newton – Mike Vick Jr.

3. Bryce Harper – Got an absolute cannon for an arm and is fast and athletic as fuck. Plus he’s got that cocky arrogance factor. Dude would be head hunting and laughing at the fat Canadians with the nose bleed after he gives them a Voit facial

4. Justin Verlander – Dude throws absolute GAS. You ever take a 100MPH dodge ball to the dick? Could kill a man

5. Team Captain – Bo Jackson – I don’t care how old he is now, he’s the most versatile athlete of all time. Bo knows dodgeball. Bo knows how to physically dominate an opponent. Bo knows.

There’s a million different combinations though. Sound off in the comments section, who ya got?