ABC NewsCalled “Little Richard” ice cubes, they were  created using the exact measurements of Sir Richard’s head and took four designers six weeks to make. If the photos are an accurate representation of what passengers can expect, the cubes are an eerily accurate representation of the flamboyant Virgin Atlantic president. These quirky developments are the airline’s way of drumming up publicity for its new Upper Class Suites, which debuted in April.  With 87-inch “seat beds”  and and the longest on-board bar in the sky (it seats eight), it’s likely an in-flight experience that would have economy-class passengers hating their too-small seats and lack of legroom even more. And at $4,700 round-trip from New York to London (the cheapest fare we could find in early June), it better be.

There are certain levels of status and fame in this world. When you’re talking about normal people and normal wealth, its things like who has the nicer car. Who has the bigger house. But when you get so rich and famous that normal things of material value can’t even measure it anymore because you have so much shit, thats when you know you’ve made it. When you are so lavish you’re concocting new ways to keep yourself entertained. Like Prince changing his name into a symbol. There wasn’t anything left for Prince to do other than see if he could get the whole world to think of him every time the looked at a little doodle picture.

Thats what Richard Branson is doing here with these ice cubes and its my new motivation to be rich. Branson has fucking personal islands and I’m pretty sure he owns spaceships and shit. Whats next? Etch my motherfuckin face into ice cubes! I don’t care how much money you have. How many vacations you go on. How many yachts you have. You don’t have your face carved into ice cubes? Get the fuck out of here you 99%’er. So goddam cocky that people want to have a drink with you, you make sure your mug is staring up at them from their cocktail every time they take a sip. Thats when you know you’ve conquered life.