So after day 1 of the Tourney I feel like all the talk is the Syracuse refs and Jaime f’n Maggio. Little minx sporting her neon pink blouse yesterday just stealing the show. Everyone tweeting about her, blogs talking about her. Strike while the iron is hot, babe! You’ve got about 2 weeks before you fall back into sports broadcasting obscurity. Get naked! Leak “hacked cell phone pics.” Have your friend film you through a peep hole. At the very least make sure your butt looks good and stick it out for the cameras so you can be a Guess That Ass.

Gotta capitalize on being hot and having the eyeballs of everyone in America a couple times a week for a couple weeks in March. Don’t blow it! Unless we’re speaking literally of course. If you actually blew someone that would be a first class ticket straight to super stardom.