You know how many emails and tweets I got from people about this “fight?” People asking me how come it wasn’t on the blog. People legit saying the Jets season was over. Are people fucking kidding me? A fight in an NFL practice! Zoinks! OMG!

Give me a fucking break. The fact that the Daily News even put that video on their website is embarrassing. So now I’m in between a rock and hard place with the blog. I’m expected to cover all things Jets. Be the voice of Jets fans. But the world has gone fucking Jets crazy with media coverage. Reporting on who has the loudest farts in the locker room and who has the biggest dick in the showers. Matter of fact, those two topics would be more interesting on the bullshit they’re reporting on.

So I’m taking a stance on this one. Not just gonna blog the same drivel the rest of the world seems to love. I ain’t gonna take the time and more to blog about scuffles in practice and who had their shirt on or off. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because Barstool is above all that jazz.

But mostly because I’m lazy.