Or, you have a real life job that doesn’t allow you to watch competitive spelling bees during the middle of the work day. But if you are able to watch daytime TV and you ain’t watching Lena Goldberg and the rest of the competitors in the Scripps spelling bee, I pity you.

Look at the drama! Look at the agony! The intellectual struggle! I haven’t seen a competitor battle as hard as Lena Goldberg did with cholesystitis since Jordan in his Flu Game in 97. Her mom can’t bare to watch. She knew she was overmatched. But she got the language of origin and fought her way through it. Now THATS grit and balls!

PS – If the kid in the yellow shirt with the Jew fro was from Boston he probably would have spent the next 4 days complaining that Lena said chol-A-cystitis. Like yea, I think the judges fucked up. Yea, I think she said A and the judges just gave her the benefit of the doubt that she has a weird whiny voice and said E. But are you really gonna sit there and fucking cry about it non stop? Keep complaining like a bitch that life’s not fair?

Oh and here’s that cocky little 6 year old from yesterday getting knocked out:

Ha! Ingluvies with an E? What are you some sort of an idiot? I bet you spell euonym with an I. Take a lap, Lori Anne.