This is one unlucky motherfucker

Daily Mail- It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘fat chance’, but scientists claim people who believe in luck and fate are more likely to be obese. Researchers found that those who place their hands in fate were less likely to change their lives by their own actions, leading to conditions including obesity. Their outlook meant they exercised less, ate less healthily and smoked and drank more than those who believed their life was in their own hands. A team from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research looked at the diet and exercise habits of more than 7,000 people and compared the results to their personality types. Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark said those who had a greater faith in luck or fate were more likely to live an unhealthy life, adding: ‘Our research shows a direct link between the type of personality a person has and a healthy lifestyle.’

You Fats are so funny. Just sitting around trying to cross your fat sausage fingers hoping you won’t be fat. Searching for 4 leaf clovers hoping that you’ll wake up tomorrow skinny. I’d insert another description about carrying a lucky rabbits foot but I bet you Fats would eat that shit before the luck would ever kick in.

Now I’ll readily admit I’m a superstitious freak when it comes to sports – but when it comes to my fat gut and my insanely out of shape body I live in the real world. I don’t have “bad luck.” I’m a piece of shit. I’m not counting on “good luck” to save me. I realize I’m just fucked.  Bottom line is Fat people love to just blame genetics and hope for a miracle that one day Oprah will pay for their fat stomach surgery. They will blame absolutely anything other than themselves for being obese. Blame their genes. Blame society. Blame schools. Blame television. And now we come to learn you’re just blaming Lady Luck herself. Maybe next we start blaming ghosts and aliens and the Easter Bunny. After all he delivers you chocolate.