(Potato Head will be framed and hanging in the Blogosphere in 6-8 weeks)

AidforAidan- The response and support our family has received is simply amazing. Through the donations and sale of Aidan’s art, the family has been able to avoid financial ruin. The family had considered the sale of their home, and Aidan’s father began to look for a 2nd job to offset the impact of the additional medical expense. However, due to the tremendous outpouring of support we have received; the family has been able to offset current medical and loss wage expense. Given the demand for Aidan’s art and the uncertainty that awaits us on the road to curing Aidan from leukemia, we have elected to continue to offer his art for sale. All of the proceeds generated from the sale will still go to Aidan and his family to prepare for future medical expense. Our family felt it morally important to share that your support has been more than we could have ever anticipated, and we wanted to thank you for everything.

-Aidan and Family

Buy Some Monsters

So for some reason one of my “funny and weird news” sites tossed in this little link about a 5 year old dying of leukemia and his parents are working like 15 jobs and about to lose their house so the kid sells monster drawings to pay his medical bills.  Pretty fucked up right?   Like here I am in my PJ’s late night with a cup of warm milk scanning for links for the morning and I end up crying and snot bubbling all over my keyboard.  Awesome.  So as it turns out these things are actually pretty fuckin awesome.  Like I was staring at all of them for 15 minutes each trying to find which one spoke to me the most.  Felt like the old couple debating the Kramer painting. “I see a land child crying out for love, an innocent orphan in the post-modern world.” “I see a parasite. A sexually-depraved miscreant, who is seeking to gratify only his most basic and immediate urges.“  In the end I went with Mr. Potato Head.  Dude killed it on that.   And as an added bonus as I checked out on Paypal I immediately felt the karma pendulum swing in my direction.  Pretty sure I’m gonna get laid in the Saloon bathroom at our Halloween party Saturday then watch KC win by 65 points.

PS -To be honest that Red Monster looks eerily like me.  Sucks when your doppelganger is a monster drawn by a 5 year old but so be it.