Been at the beach basically all month and ALL I SEE is broads reading this book. Its insane. Like every single one of them has this or The Girl Who Played With Fire. This dude Stieg just wrote a bunch of these “The Girl With The Blah Blah Blah” books, kicked the bucket, and now he’s huge. His next one coming out is called “The Girl With My $29.95 Hardcover Book Because She’s A Sucker.” For real though, if you missed the boat on Silly Bandz when I told you about those a couple months ago, this is your second chance. Pick up the Cliff Notes on this shit and you can have a conversation with literally every girl on the planet right now.

Go ahead and laugh and call it gay, but I already learned my lesson with The Lovely Bones. My roommate scooped that book up strictly because every chick in the world read it. It took him three years to finish that book. I used to make fun of him virtually every day of his life for reading this pussy girly book. Three years. And wouldn’t you know it lo and behold last year the movie comes out and every smoke out there is talking about it and while he’s at the bar stringing birds about Mr. Harvey and Susie I’m watching K-Rod blow another save talking to the fat degenerate at the end of the bar because I had to be a tough guy. Not this time folks. I’m gonna dominate the shit out of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And by dominate I mean read the Wikipedia page, but still just trust me on this one.