I don’t know shit about horse racing. So I’m not sure what sort of shady shit can go on behind the scenes. But this has obviously gotta be some sort of horse ‘roids situation, right? No fucking chance it has to do with the health of the horse or anything like that. Like 50 horses died making a few episodes of that show Luck, no chance anyone gives a shit about 1 more dead horse with the goddam Triple Crown on the line.

I guess its not surprising. I’ll Have Another was like the Mark McGwire of horse racing. Just all juiced up crushing the competition out of nowhere. Everyone knew exactly what was going on but it was good for ratings and the popularity of the sport so everyone just turned a blind eye and enjoyed it. Only difference is Bud Selig was smart enough to let McGwire make history to make his sport thrive and the NY Horse Racing Association pussied out.

Or maybe none of that is true. I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. All I know is this has gotta be a fucking MESS for bookies everywhere