Last week’s game against the Jags was, overall, a positive. The studs did well while avoiding injuries and some answers started to surface. Good – David Wilson, Rueben Randle, Mark Herzlich and, of course, the Black Unicorn. Sketchy – Prince & anyone “catching” punts. Peace out – Ramses Barden. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Randle’s TD catch showed exactly what everyone’s been waiting for Barden to do for years. My money’s now on David Douglas taking his roster spot while Randle looks to be the new Manningham – but let’s see what Douglas does tomorrow night. Undrafted rookie receivers tend to do OK against the Jets as far as I can remember. Other things to look forward to from a Giants standpoint, outside of whether or not Prince gets lit up again by a couple of Blaine Gabbert’s equals, will be the revamped DT pool & Laron Scott. Kid could be gold in the return game. He took one 67 yards for the Saints in the preseason opener before getting cut & was near the top in NCAA return yardage. Why he didn’t return punts there I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet he’ll get a shot tomorrow. In all honesty though, I really just wanna see the Jets’ three-ring circus.

I want to see the wildcat. I want to see Tebow. I want to see Cromartie lining up as a wideout. And I want to see it all work. I want to see Mark Sanchez’s tears hit the clipboard on the sidelines. I want to hear Rex Ryan shoot off his fat mouth about all his tricks & be lauded by his oblivious fans as a genius. Make some guarantees. I want the Jets to put the NFL on notice starting with a preseason decimation of the Giants, because no other franchise gives themselves more credit for so little than Gang Green. I want the team and their supporters all to think the sky’s the limit going into the regular season…and then watch it all implode. Seriously, what’s a positive for the Jets this year? Revis Island? Then what? I mean last year was a highly entertaining clusterfuck, but this season is going to be amazingly bad for Fireman Ed & co. Easily under .500 up to their Week 9 bye when Rex is on the hot seat. He may know his X’s, O’s & toes, but 2012 has the makings to be so catastrophic he doesn’t see 2013 in green. All I’m saying is, for Big Blue, expectations may be high but the season following a title is house money. It’s nice to know we’ll have the option to shrug off a disappointment & enjoy the Jets carnival instead.