Listen I don’t know shit about politics. And I don’t really give a fuck about who is President. Because thats the guy who just goes out there and gives the speeches and shakes hands and kisses babies and all that jazz. Its the guys behind the scenes that are doing all the leg work. Your advisors and your braintrust. “The strength of the wolf is the pack” sorta mentality. And apparently Ron Paul’s pack includes a motherfucking Giant! Dude climbed right down the beanstalk looking for his Golden Goose and stumbled into the New Hampshire Primaries. You can have all the speech writers and consultants you want but sometimes you just need some good old muscle on your team. An enforcer. Someone’s gotta step up against that fat fuck Christie, right?

And how about the dwarf/elf right in front of the Giant? I can’t tell if Ron Paul assembled this team to run for president or go on a journey to destroy a magic ring by throwing it in a volcano where it was forged. Ron Paul! President and Lord Of the Rings 2012!