Its not like the Knicks had Magic Johnson running the point and lost him to a brutal knee injury. We’re still talking about replacing 145 year old Baron Davis here. But he actually played pretty well this series, and the fact of the matter is, the drop off between any point guard and Mike Bibby is an astronomical, almost catastrophic gap. I mean like any point guard on the planet.

He’s a dead ringer for Verne Troyer. His game on the court looks like a half melted candle running the point. If I was Toney Douglass and I was being called Mike Bibby’s back up, I’d probably just retire on the spot. Point is, this Knicks were in way over their head with B Diddy at the point – so things are infinitely worse now that Bibby is running the show. But who knows. Maybe he digs deep. Returns to the form of when he was the #2 overall pick to the Grizzlies. Maybe he gets a pep talk from C Webb about the time his Kings almost knocked off the Lakers in the middle of their dynasty. When you need a miracle to beat the Heat as it is, whats the difference of asking God for an even bigger miracle, right?

Actually scratch that. God is probably running through his checklist of miracles right now like “Alright, took care of the Rangers in game 5 by making that black guy hit someone in the face with his stick, whats up for tonite…Looks like Knicks fans want a game 5 win against Miami? Ok I can do tha…wait a fucking second they’re starting Bibby? Bahaha take a hike Dolan. Guy’s a half melted candle.”

Prove me wrong Bibby. Prove God wrong. Steal one more game so we get another night of basketball at the Garden.