Incarcerated Bob is like Santa Claus. My heart wants to believe in him. My head tells me otherwise. But he was right about Revis before the entire world knew. And I’m going to just choose to believe in him on this one as well. Don’t let me down Bob!

More importantly thought I think the NFL lockout was in a weird way one of the coolest and best things that has ever happened to football. Its like it put enough of a scare in all of us to think about life without football that now there is a frenzy for football. Its like when your girlfriend finally says she’s gonna dump you after threatening for so long and you realize how much you really take the steady sex for granted so you shape up and appreciate her ten times more. Free Agency is basically on steroids. There’s like 800 guys that all need to sign in about 1/100th the time. Pats making moves, Jets making moves, football blogs getting 100s of comments. People are fucking FIRED UP.

The official celebration to keep this football frenzy flowing until kick off is TONITE at Hype Lounge. There may not be football yet, but Hype is going out on a limb for the Stoolies and basically giving away their beer today. 2 Dollar beers all fucking night. Its a happy hour special that starts at 5pm and in honor of the NFL and all its glory, Hype is just letting it run all night long. $2 Bud Lights on a Friday night is literally unheard of. If you’re spending tonite in Manhattanm there’s no way you can beat Hype Lounge wings and beer. Its on 14th street between 2nd and 3rd.

Hopefully Incarcerated Bob is right, and we’ll be celebrating Nnamdi and the No Fly Zone tonite too.