Weird Asia NewsPradeep Bapat filed for divorce after his wife, Prerna, had refused to give him children, thus insisting that he use condoms when the couple had sex. Mrs. Bapat cited the couple’s unstable financial situation as her reason for not wanting to get pregnant. Pradeep and Prerna entered an arranged marriage in February 2007. By June of that same year, Mrs. Bapat had already moved out. Mr. Bapat’s lawyer told the court that his client wanted a woman who was educated, who had a good job, but also who would do all the housework. Justice Majmudar, one of the High Court judges overseeing the case, responded, “A woman is not a slave.” In court, Mr. Bapat listed a host of other complaints about his marriage, including a lack of cooking and cleaning skills on Mrs. Bapat’s part. In the end, the Bombay High Court refused his request, ruling that none of these complaints were grounds for a divorce.

Hold the phone. “Not grounds for divorce?” Not even kidding you I’d rather my wife cheat on me and physically abuse me than make me wear condoms. As a matter of fact, forcing a rubber on you husband should be considered physical abuse. Domestic violence in the form of a dick smothering latex coffin. And spare me the whole “refused to give him children” routine. You think Pradeep Bapat gives a fuck about this random broad his parents picked out churning out some kids for him? For sure not. He just wants to get his rocks off in a reasonable amount of time before he loses half his erection because he can’t feel shit and that smell of rubber mixed with vagina makes him gag.

I mean I hate to sound insensitive, racist, and sexist, but when you’re an Indian chick in an arranged marriage you’re job is to just fuck and cook and clean, no? OK, that came out very insensitive and racist and sexist. But when you get randomly paired up with each other you gotta make some sacrifices. I mean as a dude, there are like 2 reasons you get married: 2) Spend the rest of your life with the woman you love, 1) Sex with zero restrictions. Obviously Pradeep ain’t gettin #2 with Prerna. At least throw the dude a bone and let him bone you bareback. Its the way Buddha would want it.

No seriously thats a fact. Buddha never fucks with a condom.

PS – The #3 and #4 reasons guys get married are to get a broad to cook and clean. So really poor Pradeep is 0 for 4. Cmon bitch.