NY Daily News - An Indiana high school student was arrested on kiddie-porn charges after he allegedly threatened to post a nude photo of a female student on MySpace because she refused to lend him her saxophone. The bizarre blackmail attempt emerged Wednesday after the 15-year-old freshman girl’s mother reported the incident to Portage High School officials. After removing the boy from class, school officials and cops found sexually explicit nude photos of the freshman and a second 14-year-old girl on his cell phone, reported the Northwest Indiana Times. The 15-year-old boy told cops he wasn’t dating the girls and they sexted him voluntarily. He went on to say that his saxophone had broke and the band director told him to borrow one from the 15-year-old girl who wasn’t using her instrument. When she refused to give it to him, the boy told cops, he reminded her that he had a nude picture of her. The girl says he threatened to post the photo on MySpace.com unless she handed over her saxophone. The 14-year-old girl said she sent nude photos of herself to several other boys at area schools because she had low self-esteem. The boy was charged with possessing child pornography and taken to a juvenile detention center. Portage Township Schools Superintendent Michael Berta said all the students in question will be suspended, and possibly expelled. “There’s guilt on both sides,” Berta told NBC Chicago. “Parents must be very attentive to the children that you have, and to their interaction with the evolving technology.”

Well whats the lesson we learned here, ladies? That’s right – don’t be such a fucking snotty bitch and let people borrow your saxophone. I mean this is fucking life and death for a band geek. If you’re in the band and you’ve got a broken sax you might as well have a broken dick. You can’t do shit without that baby. And obviously this guy is a fire saxophonist, thats why the band director told him to borrow from this chick. She obviously sucks and brings nothing to the band. That would be like if my computer broke and Pres demanded that Feitelberg give me his lap top and that Fake Jew just said no. Like hey Feitelberg I need to blog or this whole band is gonna fall apart you dickhead! I can’t let Manzo steal my solo!

Only difference is I don’t have any naked pictures of Feitelberg to blackmail him.

Or do I?