(BusinessInsider) -- Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky had a surprise waiting for him when he was sent to jail the first time, reports Andrew Strickler of The Daily. As soon as the lights went out at night, Sandusky’s fellow inmates at the Centre County Correctional Facility serenaded him with a chorus from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”: “Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!” Similar humiliations are expected to continue now that Sandusky is back in jail having been convicted of the crimes. Jerry Sandusky is currently on suicide watch. He’ll be sentenced in 90 days.

God love inmates. For all the robbing and murdering and raping they do, we can all still agree that pedophiles are scum. The best part is I bet Sandusky loved this. He was probably like “Oh fuck yea! These guys love me! Take that, McQueary!” as he wailed away on his air guitar. Wouldn’t put it past him for a second. Anyone who went home the night before the verdict and didn’t kill themselves is plenty delusional enough to think this was a warm welcoming. Dude brushed his teeth, got in bed and thought “phew. Tomorrow I’ll be found innocent and this will all go away.” Now he starts considering suicide? Few months late on that one, JerBear. Just another brick in the wall now. Remember, you can’t have any pudding unless you eat your meat.

PS – obviously Sandusky isn’t gonna be in Gen Pop so he’ll probably never get raped or anything. But he’ll spend his entire life in solitary. That’s worse than rape, right? Just sitting in a room by yourself for like a decade? I’m pretty positive I’d rather get fucked in the ass.