The combination of the Yankees’ abysmal play the last few nights and watching games on that thing Toronto calls a baseball field is depressing the shit out of me. Hopefully interleague play will bring with it some semblance of life to this sputtering offense. Seriously, how dead do the Yankees look right now? It will most likely be an afterthought at the end of the season, but this team’s age has been showing the last couple weeks. Fortunately for the Yankees, the team absolutely rapes interleague play with the best record in the game since cross-league showdowns began. This may be exactly what they need to get moving again. It reminds me of the 2009 series when the Yankees went on to the Series. Yankees entered a game against the Braves completely lifeless, but turned it around on a Francisco Cervelli home run to left center, sparking a hot streak that lasted for the remainder of the year. That hit was the first time in weeks that I saw any emotion in the ’09 team. It was also the first time I found out Cervelli was Spanish and not Italian during his post game interview. So let’s hope interleague play is the kick that this team needs to wake the fuck up, because for now, the Yankees are stale and hard to watch. First pitch at 7:07, down 2 runs at 7:12 has become a bit of a staple the past week or so. Hopefully that ends with seeing an unfamiliar jersey on the mound.

P.S.- One of the best parts of interleague play is the potential chance of seeing Mo grab a bat and take some cuts. Really sucks that isn’t gonna happen this year.