Introducing Kyna Treacy. An Australian bikini model. She owns her own bathing suit company called Kini Bikini. You can find her at @KiniBikini  and she’s only got like 150 followers. So my point is that if you wanna follow her and send her your best baseball pick up line, she’ll probably see it. Here’s mine:

Also this babe needs to get those chompers fixed. Whats up with that? Chick is borderline perfect except she’s got these jagged spikes in her mouth. I bet this chick crushes corn on the cob. Anyway did we ever find out if this Kyna chick went home with Arod? Or was it just another strike out? All the talk is that Arod was flirting with girls but I wanna know if it actually worked. Did he have a threesome or not? Because if he’s catching all that grief just for dropping some pick up lines on these broads and he didn’t even get rocks, Arod is just doing absolutely everything wrong.