NY Post - Derek Jeter’s love life is heating up. The ultra-private Yankee shortstop was seen out with green-eyed Ralph Lauren model Hannah Davis Monday night “They were flirting, having a great time, and were sitting close together,” says a witness who saw them at Meatpacking hotspot Double Seven for the last Avenue A Soundcheck bash of the summer. The pair took in a performance by singer and model Jenny Bapst and DJing by Nima Yamini and Whoo Kid before Jeter left the club alone, quickly followed by Davis, who is also a singer and songwriter. “They are an item on the quiet,” says another source. “Derek and Hannah left separately, but she met up with him again later.”

And so we put another notch on Derek Jeter’s belt. How big is this guy’s fucking belt? How many notches can we fit? Motherfucker’s belt is like the Stanley Cup. Just gotta keep adding rings to fit more names on that shit.

The latest conquest is Hannah Davis. Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret model. Of course she’s completely under the radar. Barstool doesn’t even have a Wake Up of her. Because that what Derek Jeter does. He scouts them out and picks his next target carefully. He’s like the aliens in Independence Day. “They’re like locusts. They’re moving from planet to planet… their whole civilization. After they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on.” Thats El Capitan. He’s a cocksmen locust. Moving from model to model, consuming every orefice they have to offer. When she’s completely devoid of any value, he moves on to the next one.