WPTZ - Eighteen-year-old British twins James and Daniel Kelly certainly don’t get confused for one another. One is black, the other white.The boys were born to Alyson and Errol Kelly, an interracial couple, and display the unusual characteristic of being a pair of one dark-skinned and one-light skinned twins, the Guardian reported.Dr. Jim Wilson, a population geneticist at Edinburgh University, told the newspaper the cause is the father’s heritage. Errol Kelly, Jamaican by background, holds the genetic key to skin color variations because people of Caribbean descent are often likely to carry European DNA.”The Caribbean father will have less European DNA than African DNA, so it’s more likely he’ll pass on African DNA — but rarely, and I’ve worked it out to be around one in 500 sets of twins where there’s a couple of this genetic mix, the father will pass on a lot of European DNA to one child and mostly African DNA to the other,” Wilson said. “The result will be one white child and one black.”The boys are different in more ways than just their skin color. James, the darker skinned twin, is gay, outgoing and excels at academics. Daniel is straight, introverted and doesn’t care much for school.The boys were the family’s third set of twins. The couple each already had a set with a previous partner when they wed. The lone non-twin in the family is their youngest daughter.

Boy did James Kelly get the short end of this stick. Yea hi I’m James and this is my brother Dan. We’re identical except I’m black and gay and he’s straight and white.

Good luck with that one, Jimmy! You’ll probably get bullied for the rest of your childhood and when it comes time to get a job face tons of discrimination. Meanwhile Danny is just gonna cruise through life having sex with women getting promoted to upper management wherever he works. Out of the 80 bazillion sperm from their Jamaican dad – Danny hits the jackpot with the one white tadpole and the one gay, black swimmer sashays his flamboyant ass right into James’ egg. You know what the chances of that are for each of them? 1 in 80 bazillion, obviously. But goddam thats a crazy turn of events.

I have a double chin that my dad passed on to me. Every time I take a picture and I got a fat ass neck I’m like Fuck you dad! But now I just count my lucky stars my dad didn’t make me black and gay.

Not that theres anything wrong with that.

PS – If that “white” brother is considered white, then I need to be considered translucent. If he’s white than so is Blake Griffin.