Venice BallJamani Swanson has proven to be the best Little Person in the game after winning numerous MVP with NY Towers. He is an all around athlete and proven that he can play with the best at any height. “Don’t believe in the height, believe in the hype”!

Playing a dwarf in hoops is such a lose-lose. Its almost like fighting a girl. Like you know when you see those stories about the chicks in high school who join the wrestling team? Theres no fucking chance I’d ever sign up to wrestle one of those broads. Because no matter how jacked they are, how good they are, people are just like “You’re fighting a girl you better not lose.” And then if you put her in the figure four leglock and snap her shit, you’re the bully who was picking on a chick.

Thats Mani Love right here. I don’t care that he’s 4 and a half feet tall – dude can ball. He’s got crazy handle. He’s got that unexplainable dwarf strength. But you square up in front of him and its all-eyes-on-you “you better not get cut up by a fucking little person with sausage fingers.” And then if you’re lucky enough to stick with him and swat his shit into the Pacific Ocean, then you’re the dude picking on the midget. Can’t win.

PS – Hilarious tweet from Mani: