Introducing the greatest feature Barstool has seen since we implemented the MFK vote. Its the newest part of my campaign to keep you slugs on Barstool New York 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We started with weekend blogging and now we’re sending you back in time to relive the glory of BSNY, past and present, with the click of a button.

I started to realize that over the years we’ve written legitimately thousands of blogs. So much hot fire I can’t even imagine how much falls through the cracks. Can’t even tell you how many times I get emails like “How could you not blog about…” even though we blogged it a day, a week, a month, a year earlier. Just too much smut for everyone to stay on top of. So as soon as you’ve read all the latest posts from around the network, hit up the Barstool Throwback button. Just click it and it generates a random blog from our archive. Miss the days of Kmarko on NYC? Click to generate and cross your fingers you don’t land on a Manzo blog. Miss the days of when I used to really take blogging seriously and I tried hard to be creative? Click to generate an old KFC blog before he decided to mail in his entire life. I’ve been clicking this shit for like an hour straight reading my own blogs that I don’t even remember writing. Its like a whole new source of entertainment because they’re all stories we’ve forgotten. I used to be one fnny motherfucker.

So long story short, just go ahead and quit your job today because there is legitimately no chance you’re productive ever again now.

PS – Re-selling old material is the biggest Barstool move of all time. Think the Jewishness of all my coworkers is rubbing off on me. Viva La Old Blogs!