Do you know what the hardest thing in the world for a man to do is? I mean like the hardest thing. Harder than calculus. Harder than running a sub 4 minute mile. Harder than giving a girl an orgasm. The hardest thing on earth is peeing with a boner. Its a logistical nightmare. You roll out of bed in the morning with your flag flying at full mast and waddle over to the bathroom hung over. Then you’re standing right in front of the toilet and you realize your dick is pointing literally 100% in the opposite direction of the toilet. You can’t even really just poke your shit out through the dickhole in the boxers. Your safest bet is to take them off completely. Probably wanna take off your shirt too so that nothing is draping in the way. Better safe than sorry, just get completely naked.  Then you basically gotta break out some Tantic Yoga shit to trying and get a drop in the toilet. Its like you’re doing squats and ballet and the Kama Sutra all at the same time while you just rock the back seat of the toilet with this fire hose that basically can’t be controlled. I mean I usually can’t get it in the bowl under normal circumstances. I’m lucky if I don’t hit the back seat and the walls and the floor when I’ve got morning woord. Sometimes I think its best to just bite the bullet and head to the shower.

Now how about trying to do all that with your dick in an iron mask?