StaffThe story of a family’s attempts to taunt a little girl who is dying of Huntington’s Disease , a rare degenerative brain disorder, has sparked a chain reaction around the world. Jennifer Petkov created a photo of 7-year-old Kathleen Edward’s face as part of a ‘skull and crossbones’ and then posted it on Facebook. She posted another doctored photo of Kathleen’s mother, Laura Edward, wrapped in the arms of the grim reaper. Jennifer’s husband Scott Petkov parked a pick up truck with messages of death painted on the side of it and a coffin in the back, in front of Kathleen’s house. All this over a neighhorhood dispute between the Petkov’s and Kathleen’s grandmother, Becky Rose. The couple has since apologized , removed the Facebook posts, dismantled the coffin and painted over the truck.

Do me a favor.  Next time you’re going to send us hate mail for jokingly making fun of blind, deaf, tumor faced, or otherwise handicapped people, just remember.  We’re not the Petkovs.  Like I remember reading a sentence from KFC that read something like “autistic tard doing a tard waddle” and cringing big time.  That shit was Seasame Street compared to making a skull and crossbones Facebook picture of a dying 7 year old girl and making fun of her dead mother.   Seriously I would say have fun in hell but there’s got to be a worse place than that for trailer trash scum like this.