Watch the first minute, then skip to 5:50

No exaggeration, this is the worst woman I have ever come across in my entire life. I don’t know if I’m a good enough writer to capture how much I despise this asshole. This dramatic, entitled, disrespectful deplorable asshole. I don’t wish ill on anybody, but I’d love for this undoubtedly fat chick to find herself in a situation where she needs the help of the NYPD. I’d love to see her in some sort of dangerous circumstances and see what her tone is then. I don’t think she’d be too worried about if they were carrying guns then. Don’t think she’d be worried about getting a walkie talkie pointed at her. He wasn’t nice enough to you? Didn’t answer your pointless question? Take a fucking hike bitch! You literally had absolutely no reason to bother these dudes. Nothing happened! I mean do I hate cops? Yea sometimes. When they’re writing me a ticket or being dicks on a power trip. But would I ever sit there and rant and rave like a fucking child calling them “my servant” when clearly those cops were the respectful, helpful type of officers that everyone should appreciate? For sure not. Grow up you bitter bitch. And pray to fucking God you never need the help of these guys. Oh and spare me the fucking sob story about “working 8 hours.” 8 whole hours! Oh my god! A completely standard shift! Sorry your job fucking sucks and you barely make minimum wage but that has nothing to do with these cops. Maybe spend some more time on your career rather than harassing random cops and you wouldn’t be a fat poor loser.

PS – Best part is, if you wanna take the time to watch from like 1:00 through 5:50, you find out the cops were investigating an assault crime scene on the platform and they asked the dude playing drums to take his act elsewhere. Thats what this bitch is all up in arms about. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

UPDATE: Here she is. Utterly SHOCKED she wasn’t fat