By now, everybody knows the odds are stacked against the Giants big time tonight. Huge offensive absences on a short travel week are gonna be hard to overcome. Fans are trying to rally around potential breakout performances from the likes of Andre Brown, David Wilson, Reuben Randle, Ramses Barden (pffft), etc., but I’m not all that worried about Big Blue finding points. If the G-Men plan on stealing this game from Carolina and taking a 2-1 record to Philly next Sunday night, some semblance of defense is gonna have to show up. The return of Princess Amukamara will certainly help – I’d rather see Stephen Hawking out of his wheelchair line up against Steve Smith before ever seeing Justin “Ain’t” Tryon take the field again – but if the defensive ends can’t disrupt Cam Newton, I might be watching Mets baseball by halftime. At least they’re supposed to suck.

Maybe Newton’s mobility does the Giants a favor. Flushing him out of the pocket could force him into making bad decisions & leaving the football unprotected when scrambling. And even though he’s a mobile QB, he gets sacked more than twice a game. So the opportunities should be there for JPP, Tuck & Osi to start silencing their critics & making big plays. On the flipside, Cam Newton is a showman. Big time personality that scares the shit out of me being on a prime time national stage for the first time (I think), against the defending champs no less. Every NFL talking head expects bigger things for Newton in his sophomore year, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if his coming out party starts tonight.

Honestly, this matchup is a crapshoot. Will the Giants rally around being shorthanded on short rest & travelling for the first time since their opening preseason game? If their recent past is any indicator, that’s a big possibility. But if Cam Newton is truly a superstar in the making, NY will have their hands full trying to keep him from the biggest W of his young career.