July 2010:

Last Night:

So everyone and their mother tweeted me and emailed me last night when this dude ate it as the Mets went to commercial break. Making all sorts of stupid jokes about how its symbolic about the team and how they collapse and shit. Please. Can’t you tell a fake commercial break TV flopper when you see one? Dude is worse than Lebron out there. Worst part of all is that Gary bought it and laughed at him. Just fueling the fire, Gar.

But seriously whats this guy’s deal? Just makes an appearance at Citi Field once every couple years for a few seconds of air time pretending to fall for the cameras. Cool shtick bro. I’d love to punch you right in your fucking stomach.

One of these days he’s gonna trip while getting to his seat and roll down the Pepsi Porch and break his neck and die or some shit. It will be the ultimate “by crying wolf” situation.