What the fuck is this shit about? We gonna give everything a name now? 3 inches of snow and some sleet deserves its own name? For sure not. You start naming some snowfall here and there and you open up Pandora’s Box. Next thing you know we’ll be naming average thunderstorms. Overcast days. Gonna have Lonnie Quinn reporting on “Cloudy Day Clarence.” Maybe we’ll just name individual clouds. Stratus Sam and Cumulus Caitlin. Buncha bullshit. If someone tries to talk to me about the weather and says something like “How are you holding up through Athena?” I’ll punch them square in the face.

Sandy just kicked our fucking ass. Some sleet storm doesn’t deserve to be put on her level. Certainly not with a dramatic name like “Athena.”

PS – I said this during Sandy on twitter but the fact that we don’t name hurricanes and what not with black people names is a crime. Hurricane Moesha or Winter Storm Shadynasty would be so much more fun.