Wow that ref that shot 5-18 and had a -16 +/- last night sure looked a lot like Paul Pierce. Holy shit, I have never seen a bigger collection of cry babies than Boston fans (specifically Celtic fans over the last several weeks). It’s amazing how every Celtic win has been a fairly officiated game, while every loss has been part of a conspiracy led by David Stern to have the Heat win it all. Grow the fuck up. Some nights you just don’t have it. That’s sports. You know who else lost last night? The Yankees. Was it because the umps willed Trumbo’s home run fair? No, it was because Trumbo’s home run was fair. It was also because Hughes is an average pitcher and Mike Scioscia’s Angels just have the Yankees’ number, especially at home. All of this unwarranted paranoia that the league has it out for Boston is so outrageously self-centered and ridiculous. Embrace your team’s occasional futility; it makes the success that much more enjoyable.

Editors Note: I’m KFC and I approve this message. I was gonna write basically the same thing but Pizza Boy already summed it up perfectly.