Goddamn Trophy Generation. EVERYBODY gets a foul ball, even if you don’t deserve one. I’m ashamed to be associated with this age group. What in his entire life has that punk ever done to warrant getting that ball? Fuck, he’s already going to the game on his father’s dime. I don’t see him paying for parking either. Bet he’s not even splitting gas, the little bastard.

In all seriousness though, the guy that caught the ball is a terrible human being right? Not only does he shun his responsibility that people get when they hit 13 to give up the foul ball, but he flaunts it too. I guess if you’re gonna be an asshole on national television, you go big or you go home. Look at his ear-to-ear grin right in that baby’s face. And the wife’s not much better. Trying her hardest not to crack up in front of the kid, but then just being like “ahhh fuck it. We’re rich and we have a foul ball. Let the good times roll!” The fact that most people are agreeing with Michael Kay’s outrage on this one means this must be super fucked up. The clear move here is to give the kid the ball right? A lot of people are asking me on Twitter about the proper etiquette on keeping a foul ball when you’re sitting next to a little kid. People have to realize that it’s a situation by situation matter. Who hit the foul ball?  What player’s hands have touched it on the way to you? How annoying is the fucking kid trying to take your ball? Does he seem like the whiny, sense of entitlement type that expects the ball or would he be truly appreciative of the gesture? There is no clear cut answer on this one. All I know is that the girl behind the family appears to be disgusted by babies, the guy in front of the kid looks like a fat Bruce Willis from the side, and googly eyes there in the bottom right hand corner is checking out Josh Hamilton HARD.

Vote 1 for this old guy is a dick and Vote 10 for I’m sick of this bullshit give the foul ball to the crying kid rule.

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