(CNN) Within just a few days, Ray Fearing went from the height of ecstasy — he had just gotten a much-needed kidney transplant — to the depths of depression, after finding out his transplant would need to be removed. “I had been waiting for 10 years to finally have a normal life,” said Fearing, a 27-year-old from Arlington Heights, Illinois. “When it didn’t work out, for a few days I just curled inward and started losing all hope. It was not an easy time.”  Fearing donated his transplanted kidney to another patient, and the organ that had been failing inside Fearing’s body thrived in the new recipient. “When we removed that dysfunctioning kidney from Ray’s environment, it recovered rapidly after being transplanted in a second recipient,” said Dr. Lorenzo Gallon, Fearing’s doctor and medical director of the kidney transplant program Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “It is the first time that has happened.” Fearing’s kidney transplant was in June 2011, using an organ donated by his sister, Cera Fearing.  He had been struggling for years with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a disease that causes scar tissue to develop in the part of the kidney that filters harmful substances. A few days after his operation, doctors took a biopsy of the new kidney and found it was quickly becoming damaged by the FSGS. “I said the kidney is yours, we can do whatever you want,” said Gallon, who consulted with his hospital’s ethics board before approaching Fearing. “But if we take it out, we will discard it. Are you willing to allow us to see if this kidney might work for someone else?”

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