So I was at Ainsworth on Saturday to watch the Knicks and Rangers. One of the bougiest bars in America. Its just packed with a bunch of late 20s early 30 d-bags who think they are more important than they are. So I’m watching the Knicks DEBACLE when all the sudden I see this Rick James lookin midget through the crowd just hangin. I thought I was so drunk and hallucinating from such a shitty playoff loss. And upon closer inspection I realize he’s handcuffed to some poor son of a bitch. And there was just a crew of like 30 Indian dudes laughing it up as this guy paraded around the bar with a motherfuckin dwarf tethered to his arm.

Is this the worst prank your buddies can pull on you? Like its one thing to have the stripper pull your pants down and spank you and humiliate you because its all good you know at the end of the party you’re getting a blow job. But chaining a Rick James midget to the groom to be is just atrocious. Everywhere he went he had to take that little fucker. Into the bathroom, holding his dick and this midgets hand is 2 inches away from his junk. Trying to walk through a crowded bar, midget on your arm. Every time people took pictures the midget would grab his dick or his nipples.

HA HA HA, real funny guys. Whatever happened to just getting a bunch of booze and drugs and paying a prostitute for sex?

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PS -  I just automatically assumed this groom was a gay guy. Guess it doesn’t have to be the case but it really seems likely, right?