I’m so fucking pissed this guy used my wedding idea of WWF entrance music and Howard Finkel as guest emcee I can’t even tell you.  I mean 99.9% of wedding gimmicks are as lame as it gets but this is fucking awesome.  Just the best if not the only way to get married.   I’ve had my own dream wedding mapped out in my head for a while too and I got it narrowed down to this.  First I would bust through the doors to Steve Austin’s entrance with the glass shattering, run over and immediately Stone Cold Stunner my father-in-law through the catering table,  then cue up Ted DiBiase Million Dollar Man and just start making it rain all over the bridesmaids.   $1 bills everywhere.    Slow it down a bit and gather my thoughts as Mr. Perfect‘s theme music came on, plant a nice romantic kiss on my bride as the crescendo build and Paul Bearer rises up from under the dance floor to present my ring.   Slide it on then BOOM Real American starts blasting while I throw a feather boa on and walked around giving high 5s to everyone in the joint as they told me how fucking epic my wedding was.  Perfect.   The only problem is I’d 100% have to get a divorce within the next 1-3 years and do it all over again because I have like 8 other entrances I wanted to incorporate here.