SIThe New York Knicks just can’t seem to part with Isiah Thomas. The New York Daily News reports that Knicks owner James Dolan has once again invited Thomas back to the Knicks organization in an official capacity, three years after leaving to become the head basketball coach at Florida International University. The Daily News cites an anonymous source that claims Thomas simply isn’t ready to return to the NBA just yet, and as such has not accepted Dolan’s offer.

Welp thats it for me, folks. I’m done. I’m out. If this actually happens I can absolutely promise you I will never root for a Knicks team run by James Dolan. The level of disrespect that motherfucker Dolan is showing to the fans by offering this guy another position YET AGAIN is beyond anything I’ve ever suffered in my life as a Jets/Mets/Knicks fans. I was trying to think of an equivalent person who’s done as much damage to the Mets or Jets getting fired and re-hired 3 times to make a comparison but I can’t think of any manager or GM that fucked them over as much as Isiah did with the Knicks. He single handedly crippled the franchise during his tenure as GM. He could very well be the worst GM in the history of sports. He brought about lawsuits and shame. Yet this is like the 50th time he’s being offered some type of position. Its insane and disrespectful and I will not stand for it. If Isiah joins this team I’m boycotting the NBA. Isiah Thomas and Carmelo Anthony is just to atrocious of a combo for any man to handle.

On a side note, its clear James Dolan and Isiah fuck, right? I’m not even sure I’m joking about that. Isiah has that creepy Michael Jackson vibe going, and James Dolan just wants to make music and doesn’t know shit about sports. Sounds like 2 gay dudes to me! The only possible explanation for Isiah Thomas getting another job offer from the Knicks is that he’s the greatest Bottom Dolan has ever fucked.