He has arrived, folks. The general consensus on Ryan Strome was that he was NHL-ready to start the season but the Isles chose to take it slowly and hadn’t made a spot for him yet. But between him absolutely shredding the AHL and the Isles struggles theres absolutely no reason not to bring him up now. They just snapped their 10 game losing streak right in Logan Couture’s ugly mug. Nabby returning. Nows the time to try to find a spark. Something to galvanize this team and snap them back into shape. Get back that confidence they had at the end of last season. Maybe thats what Strome is. Maybe he Yasiel Puig’s this team. Its essentially the same cast of characters that shocked the league last year, maybe with a little X-factor inspiration they capture lightning in a bottle.

Obviously don’t wanna put too much pressure on the kid. Can’t expect him to come in and light the league on fire right away. But he’s ready and there’s no better time to bring him up than now. Good luck, kid. Lets put the pedal to the metal on this bandwagon and get back in the thick of things.