TimesOfIsrael - Ten high school students from Rosh Ha’ayin allegedly broke into the home of a teacher from their school while she was out of the country during the summer school vacation. The teenagers reportedly hosted parties in the house during which they consumed alcoholic beverages, charged her credit card for thousands of shekels, abused her dog and defecated in her washing machine. Police charged two of the teens with breaking and entering, Maariv reported on Monday. According to an initial police report, two of the students were aware the teacher had left the country for a family vacation, and decided to take advantage of her empty house. They in turn invited eight of their friends over and proceeded to wreak havoc on the property. A neighbor, who knew the teacher was out of the country, noticed the teens going in and out of the place, and the loud noise aroused his suspicions. He called the police, who arrived to find the 10 students drunk. Most of the students who were invited to the party didn’t know the house had been broken into, one of the suspects said. He said they were told the key had been given to the students by the teacher’s son, and that they were meant to walk the dog. Another student, who was not involved in the incident, condemned the actions of his peers. He listed some of the things his friends said they did: they tortured the dog, drunk all her alcohol, called sex hotlines using her credit card and used her washing machine as a toilet.

Shitting in someone’s washer machine is about as downright disrespectful as you can get. Run up all the sex phone charges you want on my credit card. Drink my booze. But don’t you dare pinch a loaf into my Maytag top load washer. I mean you pretty much have to quit your job at that point. You can’t return to teaching at that school. You’ll forever be known as the chick who the kids shit in her washer. There’s no way you can overcome that reputation. Good luck telling a rowdy class of teenagers to sit down and be quiet so you can start your lesson. See how many “I’M GONNA SHIT IN YOUR WASHER!” you get yelled from the back of the classroom. Hope you have fun walking into a classroom and immediately having to erase the board every time because some drew yet another cartoon of poop in your laundry. Bottom line is, there’s no fixing this situation. You need to almost change your identity. New job, new home, maybe even a new name. Anything to shed that image of the woman who had the kids shit in her washer.

PS – The fact that this was in Israel makes it ten times funnier. Pretty much anytime you slap a yarmulke on the people involved in these weird stories it gets infinitely more funny.