I introduced the first summer swag winner about 2 weeks ago when I hit the 20,000 follower mark for @KFCbarstool. Well now I’m up to 21K so its time for another giveaway. This round goes to @JesusKrice, who I selected randomly but also not so randomly because I wanted to pick a chick this time

So that was our first free summer swag winner of the day. And then there’s this motherfucker @Nick_Dimi. For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, I started a Movie Trivia contest where every day I tweet a quote from a classic movie and the first person to correctly retweet me with the movie title is the winner. I figured a good rule would be that you gotta win 5 times to earn a free t shirt, thinking it would take people a while to get 5 wins with hundreds of tweets rolling in each time. Well this son of a bitch @Nick_Dimi is like the Ken Jennings of my movie trivia. Dude went 5 out of 6 on the first 6 days of the tournament. Rattled off correct answers of Wayne’s World, Back To The Future, The Rock, Independence Day, Cool Runnings, and White Men Cant Jump all in like 15 seconds each time. Kmarko accused him of being a robot. People accusing me of rigging the game like I’m David Stern. People sending him all sorts of hate tweets. He’s like the biggest villain on all of Barstool Sports right now besides Lebron James. People are saying he’s worse than Manzo for God’s sake. Anyway, rules are rules, he won 5 times in a row so now I gotta send his fat ass a tank top too.

If you’re interested in movie knowledge, want to put an end to this nerd @Nick_Dimi’s reign of dominance, or you just like winning free shit follow me on twitter. From now on giveaways are happening every 500 followers, not 1000