Youtube - The fight started when the couple realized that they had no maple syrup for their pancakes. They asked the table over if they could have some of theirs because their pancakes wouldn’t taste the same without the maple syrup and one of the two girls response was “bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!” And from there, all hell broke loose.

Update-    First video was a dude getting his face wailed on for a minute straight while these broads just yapped at eachother.  Fuck fucking Youtube.

Anyone else get the feeling this wasn’t the first fight at the Denny’s late night?   I mean I’ve never seen the management of a restaurant so unconcerned with a full scale riot going on in the main dining room.  Like this thing goes on for a whole minute before you even see an employee and then it’s just some fucking fat fry cook they pulled out of the kitchen.    Can’t blame them either.   Like I always say there’s no point getting your brains bashed in trying to be a peacemaker for $6.50 an hour and 50% meal comps.  Pretty sure late night staff at fast food joints and diners are just trained to duck for cover now any time they hear raised voices after 11 PM.

PS-  Not really sure what that blonde chick was thinking?  Like she instigated the whole thing.  She was talking shit nonstop.  She got knocked down to the floor.  Then she thought she’d just kind of stand there quietly off to the side while everything ran its course?  Nope don’t think so bitch.   Let me know how my right hook tastes.