NYDNRex Ryan didn’t exactly give Wayne Hunter a vote of confidence when he danced around the question whether the maligned right tackle would be the Week 1 starter against the Bills on Sept. 9. “I’m going to say this. We’re committing to putting a good football team on the field,” Ryan said on Monday morning. “Competition not just at the right tackle spot, but there’s competition throughout… We’re loaded in some spots and the competition is elevating peoples’ play… But to sit back and say this guy’s definitely the starter, I’m not ready to do that… I like to see guys compete and earn their jobs out there.” Ryan wouldn’t even commit to Hunter or backup Austin Howard being the starting right tackle in three weeks. “I’m not going to paint myself in a corner because things happen.” Ryan said.

“Rex Ryan won’t commit to Wayne Hunter week 1.”


It is absolutely incomprehensible that Wayne Hunter is still the starting right tackle. He is worse at his job than anybody else on the entire planet is at their respective job. Manzo is a better blogger than Wayne Hunter is at protecting the quarterback. Sales Guy is a better pitch man than Wayne Hunter is on the offensive line. Anyone who has ever done anything at all has done it better than Wayne Hunter plays right tackle.

This team has question marks everywhere. Literally every piece of the offense is up in the air. There’s quarterback controversy. Wide receiver controversy. The running game is a complete mystery. Yet somehow, some way, one of the only guarantees on the Jets offense is Wayne Hunter trotting out there as the starting right tackle. I feel like its some sort of giant prank. Like Mr. T and Rex are trying to Punk the world or something. This was a problem all of last year, and now a full offseason has gone by and nothing has been done to address it. Doesn’t matter how good Mangold, Moore and Ferguson play when theres a giant fucking hole next to them.

Doesn’t matter if Sanchez is back there. Doesn’t matter if Tebow is back there. No matter who it is they’re gonna get murdered if Wayne Hunter is the starting right tackle of the Jets. There’s no time to throw, no holes to run through. Just a constant rush of defenders with Wayne Hunter on his ass snap after snap after snap.