Hard as it may be to recall, it has happened before. I’m not saying coming back from 3-0 will happen. I’m barely saying it could happen. In fact, part of me still blindly believes it never did happened and that baseball went into a lockout in late October, 2004. But the reality is that it’s happened before. A lot of shit needs to play out for this to even be a thought worthy of entertaining though.

A Rod- A Rod exiled to the bench isn’t enough. Kick him off the tour, Doug. The guy is just a mega distraction everywhere he goes, doing stupid shit like trying to fuck girls in between innings and smiling like an asshole when the team is staring 0-3 in the face. But because of the money he’s making, you can’t do anything with him so he gets to walk around with complete immunity like the boss’s son popping into your office while you’re trying to do work. Playing with picture frames on your desk, heavy exhales of boredom, “whachya doooooings” left and right GTFO MY TEAM. I’d say 99% of me is mostly rooting for the Yankees to advance just in hopes of seeing him address the media with that bullshit smile when Sweeny asks him about not making the World Series roster. 5 more years at $115 million holy shit. With the numbers he put up this year, that would be equivalent to signing Todd Frazier from Cincinatti to that same deal. Let that sink in for a minute.

Pitching- CC I’m not worried about. At worst, I think we get a cheap game 4 win tonight because he’s pitching at another level right now. Game 6 would be Kuroda at home which I like, and anything can happen in a game 7. So that really brings us to game 5. There may not be anyone in baseball I’d rather see on the mound in a potential elimination game on the road than Andy. Hughes is tending to his stiff back, which is the blogger equivalent of calling it a day due to a nasty hangnail. So while he deals with that, I like the rest of the pitching moving forward.

There’s 8 other innings- Yankees are playing dodge the train with their offense right now- that game that I picture every group of friends playing in the 60′s like a deleted scene from Stand By Me. Each guy in the lineup daring each other to stay absolutely useless as long as possible until the very last possible second. Eventually the fat kid is gonna get hit by the train. The Yankee lineup is the fat kid. The 9th inning lineup looks great. Some nice successive singles last night, a couple huge hits in game 1- too bad that’ like 11% of the game and the other team isn’t mentally retarded. Gotta get something going earlier in the night. I’d say almost every Yankee fan somewhere deep down knew the 1-0 deficit was insurmountable. About 5 million people reached for the remote and switched channels in time to see Katherine Fenton steal the debate the second Delmon Young’s 80th home run against the Yankees cleared the wall.

But at the same time, none of this could happen and the Yankees pack it up tonight, leaving us with an extra bitter winter. We’ll see. All I do know, and to quote Oscar snub, 1994, Angels in the Outfield, “It could happen.”